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Please read carefully before ordering!

Due to increased demand and being a part-time entity we will only be accepting fly orders of approximately $100 or less (unless you order a Tacky Fly Box). Please also be advised these flies are made to order so there will be a wait time. We only use high quality hooks and materials from Hareline Dubbin, Flymen Fishing Company, Ahrex, just to name a few and will soon include Firehole Outdoors and Hazard Fly Fishing! Our focus is to deliver you a quality tied fly that will serve you well. Thank you for your support, patience and understanding!

"As I tie on one of Adam’s flies, I feel a ‘positive energy’ that I’m about to have a fun fishing session. Its high anxiety for me to prioritise what flies to include and what to leave out of my next order." -Heath James; Moss Vale, Australia

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